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Self serve car wash Thornton

Are you looking for a self serve car wash in Thornton? For those who like to do-it-yourself. Our self serve car wash is the best on the market. At Thornton Car Wash our manual bay/ self service car wash has everything you need to get that showroom shine. This also includes our signature Splatter Wax. This particular car wash is perfect for cars that have built up heavy dirt & road grime, dried bird poo or lots of bugs that require some friction to remove it. You can get an intensive clean using the high pressure & foam brush in each of our available bays.

If you’ve put your vehicle through its paces & it’s covered in built up dirt. Use the friction of the Foam Brush to loosen it up & wash away the dirt with the high-pressure soap. There’s plenty of chemicals to choose from tyre & engine cleaner through to splatter wax & spot free rinse.

If you are someone who loves to take care of your car and having high quality car washing equipment at your disposal. Our self serve car wash in Thornton is just for you. Let us give you the peace of mind that you vehicle is in the best possible hands. Our self serve car wash offers the best chemicals to high pressure hoses. Giving us the confidence that you will leave with a showroom shine.

Each of our self serve car washing bays have a high-pressure wash wand and a foaming brush. Plus a bay controller that incorporates a coin acceptor, a wash function selector, and a count-down timer display.

Our self serve car wash includes:

  • Pre-Soak – applied at low pressure to loosen soil and road film.
  • Tyre & Engine Cleaner
  • High Pressure Soap Foam Brush
  • High-Pressure Rinse
  • Carnauba Wax
  • Clear-Coat Protectant
  • Spot-Free Rinse

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