LaserWash Automatic Car Wash Thornton

Experience a superior clean in our brushless automatic LaserWash 360+ car wash. Have your car washed for you in 5 minutes & no need to wait in line as there is 2 of them. We use only the finest of cleaning chemicals & high-pressure water to have you all clean & back out on the road as quick as possible. It’s perfectly safe for your paint & we recommend regularly washing in the auto to maintain your vehicle. Accepts cash + tap & go payments.

Please note – there is a height limit of 2.1m to use this wash.

LaserWash Automatic Car Wash

The Ultimate
  • Underbody Flush with High Slide Blasters
  • Bug Pass
  • Foaming Soap
  • High Pressure Rinse
  •  Foaming Wax
  •  Tri-Colour Foaming Wax
  • OverGlow With Carnauba Wax
  • Surface Protection
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • Foaming Soap
  • High Pressure Rinse
  • Foaming Wax
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • Foaming Soap
  • High Pressure Rinse
  • Spot Free Rinse

Self Serve Car Wash Thornton

If you’ve put your vehicle through its paces & it’s covered in built up dirt, baked on bird pooh or heavy grime then the manual bays are best for you. Use the friction of the Foam Brush to loosen it up & wash away the dirt with the high-pressure soap. There’s plenty of chemicals to choose from tyre & engine cleaner through to splatter wax & spot free rinse.

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Thornton Car Wash | Vacuums & Vending Machines Thornton NSW

Vacuums & Vending

Don’t forget the inside of your car. We have high powered vacuums plus a vending station selling things like Little Trees, Amor All wipes & micro fibre towels to help you finish the job.

There’s also a change machine on site for your convenience.

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